Shannon E. Johnson

Shannon is a dedicated Office Manager with a background in the legal field, having worked as a Paralegal for 9 years before transitioning into office management. With a keen eye for detail, exceptional customer service skills, and excellent communication abilities, she excels in creating efficient and organized work environments. Having earned an associate degree in paralegal studies, Shannon brings a solid foundation of legal knowledge to her role as an Office Manager.

Her diverse skill set includes expertise in multitasking, scheduling, and providing comprehensive administrative support to ensure the smooth operation of the office. In her previous roles, Shannon demonstrated her ability to handle a wide range of responsibilities with professionalism and efficiency. She is adept at managing complex schedules, coordinating meetings, and facilitating effective communication among team members.

Her commitment to delivering high-quality work and her strong problem-solving skills have consistently contributed to the success of the organizations she has worked for. Outside of work, Shannon enjoys volunteering in her community and pursuing her interests in photography. She is passionate about continuous learning and is always seeking new opportunities for professional growth and development.