Thankful for the performance of my attorney

I’m just thankful for the performance of my attorney, and getting me acquitted. Thank you Mr. Brian Tedd. You are appreciated.


Excellent Job

Being my first legal situation and divorce, the process was all new to me and although it’s never an easy or enjoyable journey to go on, Clifton and the team that worked on and throughout this process did an excellent job and we made it to the end. I’ll be using CDH Law for any future legal obstacles. Thank you again


Extremely Professional

Matt and the other attorneys at CDH Law are extremely professional and easy to work with. Would highly recommend.


Outstanding team of expert, multidisciplinary support specialists

I highly recommend David Hammond and his team at CDH Law. Mr. Hammond provided competent, professional, and zealous representation throughout our entire interaction. Communication was phenomenal, Mr. Hammond was easy to reach and always provided prompt and thorough answers to all of my questions. He always kept me up to date with what was happening on the back end and what the next step was, and was constantly anticipating potential obstacles for which contingency measures were already in place. An outstanding team of expert, multidisciplinary support specialists were on hand to assist in representation; thank you so much Elyssa, Karen and Dan! If you’re looking for knowledgeable, comprehensive, dedicated, client-centric representation, look no further!! Mr. Hammond is truly a master of his craft and has surrounded himself with individuals that mirror his passion and ability. Military friendly, Mr. Hammond was also Active Duty and stationed at Fort Drum, and is now in the Army Reserves. He has a unique understanding of how the Military may respond to certain situations and maintains the flexibility to adjust accordingly if the need may arise. Thank you for your service and representation! I don’t ever write reviews because service is rarely worth it, in my opinion. The totality of the experience provided by Mr. Hammond and his team was truly amazing, thanks again everyone!


Highly Competent

Very professional very responsive and highly competent. A great firm


Got me Exonerated

I will never forget the amazing teamwork CDH Law firm did on my behalf such as, informing me of the best option to take in resolving my case. Taking the time to critically analyze the police report and listening and trusting my side of the story. Throughout the course of my case they were prompt and attentive. Bottom line is their legal expertise and professionalism is what got me exonerated. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that their fees were reasonable. Thanks again guys!


Truly Amazing

I would like to thank you all for everything you’ve done!! You are all amazing at what you do and I appreciate how reliable and consistent you all are! You are all truly amazing and I can’t thank you enough for helping me get my life back on track!! It’s truly a blessing and I highly recommend you for anyone I know in need of help the way you guys helped me! Again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart to the top!!! Have a wonderful blessed day!


Law Firm of Professionals

I highly recommend utilizing the team at CDH Law. Professional, courteous and very responsive this law firm of professionals is reasonably priced but most notably they can be trusted to get the job done. I didn’t have to worry about anything as they knew exactly what to do and was very clear about the entire process. THANK YOU CDH!!


Knowledgeable and Professional

All of the attorneys were incredibly knowledgeable and professional. I was very happy with the way they navigated me through my legal issues. They thoroughly explained the different options I had, as well as possible outcomes. They were responsive to my questions and kept me informed with every change in the case. Ultimately, they were able to get the case against me dropped. I would recommend this firm to anyone who has pending legal circumstances.


10 / 10

I had the opportunity to attend a trial. I was just there as an unbiased observer. I was very impressed by Mr. Hammond. He won the trial. He’s a truly an amazing attorney. Highly recommend it’s not easy to impress me but this guy certainly did! After he was finished with his brilliant closing argument, I was certain the jury would return a not guilty verdict. Brilliant.

Look NO further for a DWI attorney!
10 / 10

Look NO further for a DWI attorney! Hands down, Clifton Carden is “the man”! I have a very good job and travel the country for work, so having a regular liscence is a necessity. I was pulled over for a traffic infraction and it went south from there. Aressted and charged with four charges including DWI. (First timer) Through a very good friend, I found out about Clifton. After talking to Clifton (On a Saturday), he put me at ease and I hired him immediately. We sat down, made a plan and commenced to carry out that plan. Long story short, he saved my job, my house, my livelihood! I was completely blown away by what he did for me and my family and will be forever grateful! He is a professional to the enth degree! Semper Fi Cliff !!

He exceeded what I was expecting.
10 / 10

My son received a DWI late on a Friday night. I was extremely upset and didn’t know what to do, who to call and thought nothing would ease my fears until at least Monday. I called around to some people I know and it was suggested to call Clifton. I didn’t really expect him to call me back on a Saturday but much to my surprise he called me right after I left a message. He calmed my fears and assured me that he would do everything in his power to help my son. He explained in detail all the steps that we would need to take and he would be there all the way until it is resolved. He kept his promise and we had an amazing outcome. He exceeded what I was expecting. Thank you Clifton for EVERTHING!!

He is quick, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
10 / 10

My daughter sat in jail for over 6 weeks, waiting for her PD to work on her case. I went to see Matt and within 1 1/2 days he accomplished what the other guy had not done in 6 weeks. From the first time I met with Matt he seemed to want to know what was going on with my daughter beyond her legal trouble. He is quick, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I hope I never need a criminal attorney again, but if I did he would be my first call.

Definitely top-notch!
10 / 10

Mr. Hammond proved to be efficient and very effective, always professional but friendly and accessible. His recommendations were excellent as was the outcome. Definitely top-notch!

Communicates in a very clear and concise manner
10 / 10

It would certainly be beneficial for you to speak with Clifton, before making any decisions to hire an attorney. He provides practical solutions and communicates in a very clear and concise manner. When I spoke with him, he told me my rights under the law. He made me aware of the maximum punishment, if convicted. He was able to negotiate a favorable plea agreement on my behalf. A simple conversation with Clifton can make all the difference!

I could easily trust Matthew to handle my cases.
10 / 10

Matthew Dotzler has represented me on two separate occasions. Both times he worked very quickly and effectively to get me a favorable outcome. I could easily trust Matthew to handle my cases. He is very intelligent in law, professional, responsive to calls and messages, I feel what he charged me both times was very fair, he was overall a great person to work with. I would definitely recommend to any friend or family member.

Great lawyer.
10 / 10

Mr. Hammond made sure that I was not taken advantage of. He spoke up for me to make sure I was heard. He made sure I knew what was going on before he spoke also what the outcome was when he finished. He stayed in contact with me throughout the whole ordeal. Great lawyer.

We were ecstatic with the final result
10 / 10

Clifton Carden worked with our family to procure the most favorable outcome for my son in a matter that occurred not only in another county but also several years in the past. We were ecstatic with the final result, and the professional manner that was used throughout the process. Step-by-step, my son was made aware of what was happening and what would happen in the future so as to alleviate his stress in this matter. Thank you to all the staff for a very satisfactory result, and should there be any other matters in the future for our family or others, we will surely contact Clifton Carden again or recommend him to others.

He was very excellent and did a great job
10 / 10

Mr. Dotzler helped me out on two occasions. He got both of by tickets either dropped or reduced to a non-moving violation and no points on my license. If I or someone that I know came into any traffic tickets, DWI, family court or need a will written up I would refer Mr. Dotzler. He was very excellent and did a great job for me to keep my license.

I doubt there is anyone better.
10 / 10

He was respectful and incredibly responsive to my situation. Very skilled and was able to take care of things allowing for me. Since I have never needed legal help before he put me at ease and made things the best they could be given the circumstances.i would highly recommend David if you are ever in need and feel at a loss as to where to turn. It pays to seek representation and in the Syracuse NY area I doubt there is anyone better.

Mr. Carden and his staff are extremely professional
10 / 10

Mr. Carden and his staff are extremely professional. They responded to questions I had immediately and more important they were proactive with getting my speeding ticket reduced to a non moving and no points ticket. I would not hesitant to use and recommend them to anyone.

Very reliable and professional lawyer.
10 / 10

I found Matthew to be a very reliable and professional lawyer. He completed the work I hired him for in a expedient manner with no surprise costs. I would definitely hire him again.

I can’t thank him enough.
10 / 10

This was my first serious offense so I wasn’t sure what was going to happen. Right from the start Mr. Hammond was very thorough and explained everything very well. He always responded to my calls within the first hour of leaving a message. and he did it all for free. I can’t thank him enough.

He is the best I’ve had.
10 / 10

Mr. Carden got me the best results regarding my traffic matter. He takes the time to answer all yours questions and concerns. He also gives you step by step through the whole process to the disposition. I am and have been very happy with his professionalism and knowledge of the court system. I highly recommend him as counsel for any legal matter. He is the best I’ve had.

I would highly recommend Matthew
10 / 10

AI had a DWI along with four other tickets. Matthew got four of my tickets dropped and the DWI reduced to a DWAI. I was very pleased and felt comfortable from our first consultation to the end of the case. He made the entire process so much easier than I thought it would be. I would highly recommend Matthew to anyone in need of legal help.

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case.
10 / 10

I was very pleased with the outcome of my case. David did an excellent job of explaining everything to me. He was available for discussions and quick to return my calls. Thank you!

I highly recomend Mr. Carden and his firm

Clifton was affordable yet highly informative. He did not hand me off to another lawyer and even took meetings with my family. I had his direct number and he accepts text messages which made communicating very easy. I highly recomend Mr. Carden and his firm.

This is the guy for you no doubt.

When I got my first speeding ticket, I was so upset and just mad at myself for my mistake. After I called and discussed it with Matt my worries were gone. He reduced my speeding ticket and was more than helpful in the entire process. This is the guy for you no doubt. Why keep looking for over prices lawyers when you can get help here for a decent price. Thanks Matt Dotzler.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know.
10 / 10

David always responded to my emails and calls expediently. I found him to be an empathetic, cordial person. He handled my case in a very professional manner. I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone I know.

Clifton is a very professional and intellectual lawyer
10 / 10

I would like to thank Mr. Carden for all his hard work on my traffic violation. Clifton is a very professional and intellectual lawyer who is very efficient in his field of work. My outcome was perfect and I couldn’t have done it without him. I’ll Definitely keep him in mind and refer him to anybody that would need legal representation.

Matthew was able to get everything dismissed
10 / 10

I got myself into trouble and wanted everything to just go away. Matthew was able to get everything dismissed, leaving me with a clean record. I spent a total of three minutes in court which made the situation less embarrassing and nerve wracking!

Hammond was very knowledge and helpful.
10 / 10

Hammond was very knowledge and helpful. I loved that I never had to play phone tag with him, and he seemed to actually care about getting the best outcome for me. He was great at listening and providing feedback. I went into it all not knowing what to expect, with very high anxiety over the whole thing. He quickly lessened my stress and made me feel okay about the situation. I would one hundred percent recommend him.

I was extremely pleased with the outcome.

Cliff and his team were very helpful and went the extra mile for me. He explained all my options clearly and didn’t force me to make any decisions in was unsure of. He was very thorough with my case and I was extremely pleased with the outcome. If I am ever in need of legal advise on the future his team is my first choice. Thanks for everything.

Mathew Dotzler is an Amazing lawyer.
10 / 10

Mathew Dotzler is an Amazing lawyer. I was involved in a Dwi case and Matt was able to walk me through the court system and made sure that I was taken care of at every step of the process. He was able to get my charges reduced and I was given an extremely great deal! I would absolutely use Mathew Dotlzer for any future court proceedings. A pleasure to work with!!

Highly recommend him anyone
10 / 10

Was very good and got me the best results in a timely manner, highly recommend him anyone and i will definitely be using him again in the future.

I would highly recommend his services
10 / 10

Throughout the process, I was apprised of all time-sensitive information as it became pertinent to my case’s proceedings. Cliff was highly effective at communicating the necessary steps for me to achieve the most favorable deposition on the timeline that I had established (i.e., quickly and efficiently), and provided important information in regards to the upcoming post-conviction process. Overall, I would highly recommend his services to any defendant in search of a competent, compassionate and all-around honest advocate.

recommended his services without hesitation.
10 / 10

I’m glad that I recently reached out to Matt Dotzler. I relied on his expertise to help with legal questions and decisions, and hired Matt and his legal team. He kept me updated, informed, and was prompt to communicate with me and resolve the matter. I’m sure I’ll continue to use Matt Dotzler in the future as needed, and have recommended his services without hesitation.

Dave Hammond might be the most responsive lawyer in the Syracuse area.
10 / 10

Dave Hammond might be the most responsive lawyer in the Syracuse area. Always called me back within a day, always answered my questions, and most importantly, genuinely seemed to care about my case. Thank you Dave!

Mr. Carden is the best at what he does.
10 / 10

Mr. Carden is the best at what he does. With his extensive background in cases like mine he was able help resolve everything in a professional and timely matter. He is a good person to talk to and will listen to any problem that you have and offer the best resolution. I was lucky to have everything taken care of in a short matter time and it was thanks to Mr. Carden. He is the guy to call and I will continue to keep in contact with him for any court case.

Great lawyer!
10 / 10

He informed me on all possible outcomes. Very easy to get ahold of, I felt comfortable with him in charge of my case . I did my part so he was able to easily provide me with the best case scenario for me. Great lawyer!

I would highly recommend Clifton to anyone
10 / 10

Clifton was very timely and informative when reviewing and addressing my case. There was not a moment where I felt like I didn’t understand what was going on throughout the period that my traffic violation was being handled. I would highly recommend Clifton to anyone in need of assistance handling traffic violations.

I give him 5 stars!
10 / 10

Mr. Dotzler provided considerate and respectful support as well as excellent legal guidance, and was able to close my case with a minimum of trauma, cost and time. I give him 5 stars!

I highly recommend Clifton
10 / 10

GI cannot thank Clifton and his firm enough for the outstanding job they did handling my wife’s vehicle and traffic case. As a practicing litigation attorney I know how difficult it is to achieve a favorable result for your client. This matter was handled in a highly professional manner. We were advised and consulted with every step of the way. We placed our trust in their hands and they responded brilliantly. I highly recommend Clifton and will refer his firm to other attorneys and friends.

I will definitely hire him again
10 / 10

I received a traffic ticket in a different county and was told by the prosecutor there that I had to accept points on my license or go to trial. Matt was able to get through to a prosecutor and negotiate a dismissal of my ticket! He worked fast, kept me informed every step of the way, and was very polite and professional. With that level of service for just a traffic ticket, I will definitely hire him again if I ever need a lawyer.

I am very satisfied with his service.
10 / 10

He helped my traffic case dismissed. He delivered more than an attorney from another law firm has promised me. I am very satisfied with his service.

All the Attorneys in this group are excellent!!
10 / 10

I can’t say enough about them! I personally worked with Attorneys David Hammond & Matthew Dotzler. They are very competent and confident lawyers, fighting hard for the best outcome. They made us feel secure & despite our grim looking options for our criminal charges, they got us a better than expected plea deal! I highly recommend them! Hire them, you will be glad you did!

I'm glad I reached out to them!
10 / 10

They were a team of fantastic professionals who efficiently communicated in a timely manner. Their insight was invaluable.

Great communication!
10 / 10

Staff at CDH were prompt and efficient in dealing with my case.

All in all, I highly recommend this law firm.
10 / 10

I have been represented by Mr. Dotzler on 2 separate occasions. Each time I was treated with the utmost kindness and respect. Both times Mr. Dotzler proved himself to be diligent in his work and knowledgeable about the justice system. In each instance the outcome for me was better than I had expected. I also had the opportunity to meet with Mr. Tedd during the course of one of my cases and found him also to be kind and knowledgeable.

Awesome group of people!
10 / 10

Would definitely recommend all. Such a hard working group that will go above and beyond for their clients. They strive to find the best solutions for their clients and will go to bat for them. If I could give more than 5 stars, I would!

This Law firm is awesome, especially David Hammond.
10 / 10

He was efficient, easy to work with and kept us up to date anytime there was anything that needed attention. They are not even in our home town, a friend recommended Mr. Hammond and the firm. We were extremely happy, very professional, fairly priced for a working family. Just all around a great experience if you need help with a legal matter. I would give them the highest rating!

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