Syracuse & Central New York Private Investigation Services

Private Investigator camera, laptop, files, phone on a car seat

The ability to quickly and aggressively investigate the facts of a client’s case is indispensable to a law firm. If you are facing serious charges and looking for a lawyer, ask the lawyer who they use to conduct investigation.  If they have trouble answering that question, or claim they don’t need an investigator, you may be talking to the wrong lawyer.

Professional investigators are trained to find people, interview witnesses, discover evidence, and if necessary, testify at trials.  A lawyer who attempts all this on their own is ineffective and might end up becoming a witness in the case.  For example, what if your lawyer interviews a witness who later denies making certain statements during the interview.  Who will be able to testify to the inconsistency if the lawyer was the only one present?  The answer is nobody.  That’s why an investigator is an absolute necessity in many serious cases.

Police and prosecutors have many well-trained investigators to build and prosecute their cases.  You can be certain the government will put these resources into ensuring they win their case.  It makes sense that you should have that capability, too.

At CDH Law, our investigations are geared toward locating and securing evidence as quickly as possible.  This often ensures we know more about the government’s case than the government does, which in turn provides an upper hand in negotiations and trial preparation.  It is vital your attorney knows everything the government’s witnesses will say at trial in order to counter or defeat their claims.

Complicated divorce cases benefit from investigators, as well.  If you suspect your spouse is cheating or hiding assets, surveillance and other techniques may be necessary to confirm your suspicions.  CDH Law partners with two investigation firms, 1st Choice Private Investigations and Intrigue Investigations, for our clients’ investigative needs.  Both 1st Choice and Intrigue are licensed by the New York Department of State and maintain their main offices within our firm in downtown Syracuse.  This co-location makes client meetings and case coordination efficient and productive.

Learn About Adverse Witnesses

If you know the evidence before the other party does, a lawyer can better plan how to win your case.  A private investigator excels at learning about other people, including their motivations and biases.  Surveillance, open source research, powerful software databases, and social media investigation are a few methods to obtain this data.

Find People

Sometimes important witnesses have reasons to hide and do a good job of doing so.  Sometimes there are witnesses that the other side doesn’t know about.  Securing their testimony is vital early on in a case.  Private investigators find people fast and free up time to focus on other aspects of a case.

Reveal Hidden Assets

Some divorces involve one party hiding wealth to make it difficult for the other spouse. Private investigators might be able to find hidden assets, like property and bank accounts.

Level the Playing Field

Information is everything when it comes to legal negotiations.  Private investigators excel at finding information to gain leverage in negotiations.  This leads to advantageous settlements, which in many cases is much swifter and far less risky than litigation.

Help with Trial Preparation

Leading up to a trial, there are many times when a lawyer realizes there is information still out there.  Having a private investigator on the legal team provides immediate access to the resources to go out an obtain that information.  This is even more important during trial, when the lawyer’s attention is fully engaged in the courtroom.  An investigator can remain working for the legal team outside the courtroom, tracking down last-minute data to secure trial success.

Contact CDH Law, PLLC if you are involved in a situation that requires private investigation services in Syracuse, Onondaga County, or the surrounding counties of Central New York.  Our resources and experience could be the difference in your case outcome.