dash cam

Is Dash Cam Footage Admissible in Court?

Dash cam footage is becoming more and more popular in vehicles. As a result, there have been questions on whether or not dash cam footage can be used as evidence for a case. After all, dash cam footage could be compelling evidence of fault and the extent of damages sustained in an automobile accident injury […]

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truckers fatigue can lead to big injuries

Truckers’ Fatigue Can Lead to Big Injuries

Big trucks can lead to big injuries. Sharing the road with oversized vehicles like semi-trucks and tractor-trailers is a reality of life on U.S. roads. It can be scary, nonetheless. The sheer size of these vehicles alone makes other vehicles wobble as they pass them by. It will come as no surprise that they can […]

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burn injury being treated at hospital

Long-Term Impacts of Severe Burn Injuries

Severe burns can play a big role in a number of different types of personal injury claims. For starters, those involved in vehicle accidents, whether it be a car, truck, or something else, can sustain severe burns for a number of reasons. Others may sustain a severe burn due to a dangerous property condition that […]

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woman with injured knee

Does Summertime Increase the Risk of Personal Injury?

New Yorkers wait through a seemingly endless amount of snow days, cold days, and overcast days until we get to summer. It really is a magical time for the state and you will see people out in droves to enjoy the season. While you are out enjoying the fine weather and the school break with […]

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Truck Driver

Beware of these Truck Accident Risk Factors

Whether you’ve spotted them on long interstate road trips or navigating the smaller streets of your city, we’ve all seen the big semi-trucks traversing roads across the U.S. Few things can make your vehicle feel smaller and more vulnerable than when it is driving in close proximity to these big rigs. It can be quite […]

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drowsy driving

The Dangers of Tired Drivers

In a society that never seems to stop, it is no wonder that tired drivers plague our roads every day. We seem to be busier than ever and encouraged to push ourselves beyond our limits. The result? People seem to be more fatigued than ever. Fatigue can have devastating impacts on our health, quality of […]

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medical malpractice

New York Medical Malpractice Standard of Care

We trust our medical care providers with our health and well-being. Medical care providers are subject to a legal standard of care they owe a duty to their patients to provide. When a medical care provider fails to uphold this standard of care and a patient suffers as a result, then they may be held […]

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construction site workers

The Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

The fact is that, even on the best days, a construction site is a dangerous place to be. Workers are doing intense physical labor that is often highly skilled as well. There are powerful machines. Often, work is done at great heights or on the side of the road. Because of this, there are inherent […]

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