Woman signing divorce documents

The Types of Alimony (Maintenance) Available in New York

In New York, what is commonly known as “alimony” is referred to as “maintenance.” Maintenance are support payments made from one spouse to the other spouse. They are ordered when there is a need on the behalf of one spouse and an ability to pay on behalf of the other spouse. That is why maintenance […]

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criminal defense attorney

What is an Affirmative Defense?

If you have been charged with a crime, now is not the time to resign yourself to fines and imprisonment. Taking action and hiring an experienced attorney to mount a solid defense in your favor can still turn the whole thing around. What type of defense can successfully clear you of the charges you face? […]

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Cars driving down a snowy road

New York Winter Driving Hazards

Well New Yorkers, winter is upon us. Whether you love the chilly days or plan to hibernate for as much of the season as possible, the ice and snow is here for the foreseeable future. As such it is important to brush up on your winter driving safety practices. After all, even for the most […]

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Pedestrian walking on the street

Keeping Pedestrians Safe

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that, in 2020 alone, 6,516 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes. Clearly, pedestrians are at risk on U.S. roads. As such, we should all make a concerted effort to do what we can to keep pedestrians safe. Motorists and pedestrians alike can make adjustments in their behaviors to […]

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Highway traffic during sunset

CDH Law Partners with New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Syracuse, NY (Law Firm Newswire) November 01, 2022 – CDH Law announces they are partnering with New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers. New York Traffic Ticket Lawyers is a law practice that defends drivers throughout New York against traffic tickets. Law enforcement may have an unfair advantage regarding traffic violations, but we have the skills and experience […]

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Two parents discussing parenting plan

Working to Build a Solid Co-Parenting Relationship

The bottom line is that you and your co-parent are in it for the long haul. After a divorce, it may feel impossible that you and your former spouse will be able to work together on anything. While it may be true that you will never have a close or overtly friendly relationship, however, it […]

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Medical Malpractice

What Constitutes Medical Malpractice in New York?

We place so much trust and faith in our doctors to take the best possible care with our health and well-being. When a doctor proves undeserving of that trust, provides substandard care, and a patient is harmed because of it, the law provides us with a way to seek compensation for that harm suffered. If […]

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