The Most Common Construction Accident Injuries

By David Hammond

The fact is that, even on the best days, a construction site is a dangerous place to be. Workers are doing intense physical labor that is often highly skilled as well. There are powerful machines. Often, work is done at great heights or on the side of the road. Because of this, there are inherent risks to working construction jobs. Construction workers injured on the job can often be living with serious injuries, constant pain, and financial problems exacerbated by steep medical bills and missed work.

Fortunately, the law provides a variety of legal protections to help injured workers seek proper compensation for the harm they have suffered. Understanding your rights and how to access them is critical. Our team at CDH Law can help you do just that and help secure you full and fair compensation for your construction site injuries.

What Are the Most Common Injuries Sustained in a Construction Accident?

Because of the range and variety of dangers present on construction sites, there is also a range and variety of injuries that commonly take place in construction work. Often, however, the injuries are severe. Some of the most common injuries sustained on construction sites include:

It may also come as no surprise that these injuries are often caused by the most common types of construction site accidents. Among the most common types of accidents that occur on construction sites, falling from significant heights is among the most prominent. Workers on construction sites often find themselves at elevated heights. This may be working in a building or on scaffolding. Sometimes, the use of machinery elevates workers to significantly above ground level. Falling from any one of these things can easily be fatal or at the very least lead to significant injuries.

Workers can also fall into pits, holes, and ditches located throughout many construction sites. There are also trenches dug for various reasons and it is not uncommon for these trenches to collapse. Workers in collapsed trenches risk having their air supply cut off. Furthermore, there is the risk of sustaining injury by being crushed in the trench collapse.

As previously stated, the big machines on a construction site can be a big risk to workers. Between the power tools and machinery, as well as working with generators and electrical wiring, it is understandable that electric shock is also among one of the most common construction site accidents. Workers can suffer serious electrical burns as a result. This can lead to both external and internal damage to the body as the electric current may run through the body.

Central New York Construction Accident Attorneys

If you have been injured on a construction site, understanding your rights to compensation can be critical to helping you get back on your feet. You may be able to pursue compensation through a third-party lawsuit. The team at CDH Law is here to help. Contact us today.

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