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New York Winter Driving Hazards

By David Hammond

Well New Yorkers, winter is upon us. Whether you love the chilly days or plan to hibernate for as much of the season as possible, the ice and snow is here for the foreseeable future. As such it is important to brush up on your winter driving safety practices. After all, even for the most seasoned winter warriors among us, New York winter driving hazards can be perilous. Let’s take a look at some such hazards and how we can all stay safe on the roads this season.

New York Winter Driving Hazards

What creates winter driving hazards? The low temperatures, the icy conditions, and the snowy conditions. These are the real root causes to pretty much all of the winter driving hazards. Consider the snow and ice, for instance. Ice and snow on the road can not only be difficult to see, but can easily cause you to lose control of your vehicle as the tires struggle to grip these slick surfaces. The lack of traction due to snow and ice can make it difficult to stop your car and it can also make it difficult to steer your car.

There are also the visibility issues to consider when discussing winter driving hazards. Ice and snow buildup on your windshield and mirrors can bring your visibility on the road to a minimum. There may also be cars driving by that kick up snow onto your windshield. On top of all of this, you may also have visibility issues due to problems within your car as well. A low functioning heater or window defroster in your car can make condensation buildup nearly impossible to combat. Foggy, icy, or snowy windshields are not going to afford you much of an ability to clearly see the path ahead of you and can be incredibly dangerous as a result.

There are also some dangerous side effects to the low temperatures we experience in New York winters. For instance, cold air impacts tire pressure. The lower temperatures causes a reduction in tire air pressure. This means that your properly inflated summer tires may not be up to snuff for the winter. Additionally, cold weather can lead to battery failure. Batteries struggle in the cold to provide sufficient charge to start a car’s engine. In colder temperature, more charge is required. This means that many end up stranded in the cold because they cannot get their car to start.

Speaking of being stranded in cold temperatures, because of all of the winter hazards out there, it is always recommended that you keep a winter emergency kit in your car. In the event that you experience car problems during the winter season, a well-stocked winter emergency kit can be invaluable. In this kit, consider including things like blankets and extra clothing. It should also contain flashlights, water, and hardy snacks.

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