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Rollover truck accident in the middle of an intersection

Rollover truck accidents are rare, but they can have devastating consequences. Due to the large size of commercial trucks, when one rolls over, it is more likely to be very serious and frequently results in fatalities or catastrophic injuries. Going through a car accident can be traumatic, and knowing what steps to take after receiving medical attention can seem overwhelming. 

If you or your loved one have been seriously injured in a rollover truck accident in New York, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. The attorneys at Carden Dotzler Hammond, PLLC represent truck accident victims in Syracuse. We know how to protect your legal rights and will pursue the full compensation you deserve.

Causes of Rollover Truck Accidents in New York

Generally, rollover accidents only occur at high speeds. Single-lane rural roads, highways, and freeways are common locations for rollover accidents. Most rollover accidents are caused by one or more person’s negligence or recklessness. Common examples of negligent driving include distracted driving, reckless driving, speeding, road rage, and intoxication. 

Determining the cause of the truck accident will help you prove liability. To recover compensation through an auto insurance claim or personal injury lawsuit, you will need to prove that the at-fault party’s negligence caused the rollover accident that resulted in your injuries. Common causes of truck rollover accidents include the following:

  • Sideswipe crashes caused by unsafe lane changes or merging
  • Multi-vehicle pile-ups caused by negligent drivers
  • T-bone accidents in intersections
  • Drifting into an oncoming lane of traffic, forcing another driver off the road
  • Explosions and fires caused by truck rollover accidents

Who Is Liable for a Rollover Truck Accident?

Truck drivers are frequently liable for rollover truck accidents. When truck drivers fail to take the required breaks to arrive at their destination faster, they are more likely to cause accidents due to fatigued driving. Similarly, when a truck driver doesn’t have enough experience, he or she makes a turn too quickly, causing the truck to become off balance and roll over. When the driver of a massive vehicle takes a sharp, sudden turn, the angle of the turn could cause the truck’s weight to shift and the truck to fall over or roll over. 

Holding Trucking Companies Liable 

Victims of rollover truck accidents may be able to hold the truck driver’s employer accountable for their injuries if they engaged in negligence. For example, suppose they hired a driver with a history of driving while intoxicated, and the driver caused a rollover accident while intoxicated. In that case, they can be held vicariously liable for their employee. 

Rollover Accidents Caused by Overloaded Trailers

Other truck rollover accidents are caused by trailers being overloaded beyond a safe weight limit. Trucks are only designed to haul loads up to specific weight limits. When a trucking company or cargo company knowingly exceeds that weight limit, they create a dangerous situation in which a rollover is more likely to occur. 

Victims may be able to hold the company liable for the resulting rollover accident, especially if the driver wasn’t aware of the weight violation. Similarly, when the cargo on a truck’s trailer hasn’t been adequately secured, it can shift around and cause the truck to roll over. 

Mechanical Problems Resulting in Truck Accidents

In other cases, a mechanical flaw can cause a rollover truck accident. When a truck has a design flaw or a manufacturing defect that causes an accident, victims may have the right to pursue a lawsuit against the at-fault designer or manufacturer. 

Thoroughly Investigating Truck Accident Cases 

Determining liability in rollover accidents can be challenging. The personal injury attorneys at Carden Dotzler Hammond, PLLC will work with accident reconstruction experts and other specialists to gather evidence and determine the cause of the truck accident that resulted in your injuries. 

Damages Available in New York Rollover Accidents

Victims of rollover truck accidents usually sustain serious, sometimes life-threatening injuries when their vehicles rollover. It isn’t uncommon for victims to suffer spinal cord injuries, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), serious whiplash, bone fractures, and contusions following an accident. Victims can pursue damages for the economic and non-economic damages they’ve incurred, including the following:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Rehabilitation expenses
  • In-home medical care
  • Durable medical equipment
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future income due to disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress

What Should I Do If I’ve Been in a Rollover Truck Accident

The first thing you should do after any accident, including a rollover accident, is contact 911 and request immediate medical attention. Even if you aren’t sure how injured you’ve become, it’s beneficial to undergo a medical examination. Victims of serious accidents may not feel the full pain of their injuries until hours or even days later. For example, if you’ve suffered neck and back issues, it could take a few days for you to realize the severity of your injuries. 

When emergency workers arrive, you should follow their instructions and be honest when you talk to the police. However, you should avoid unintentionally admitting fault for the accident. It’s also important to follow all of your doctor’s instructions and keep records of your appointments. Keeping a record of your pain levels and photos of your injuries can help you prove the severity of your injuries. 

Don’t provide the insurance company with a recorded statement until you’ve discussed your case with an experienced personal injury attorney. When you work with Carden Dotzler Hammond, PLLC, we will handle all negotiations between you and the insurance adjusters so you can focus on your recovery. 

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